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Business Insurance

Our goal is to create tailored risk management solutions to meet our clients’ specific insurance needs. We use our broad range of experience and expertise to deliver customized insurance programs, providing clients with the best placement recommendations to fit their needs. Ironwood’s team of professionals takes the time to learn each client’s business, ensuring we market their program in the best way possible. We support their strategic goals with our continued brokerage and management services, ensuring they meet all necessary insurance requirements.

In addition to our marketing and client service capabilities, Ironwood offers the following resources and specialized risk management services to our clients.

Developing personalized solutions that meet our client's unique goals

Surety bonds play a crucial role in our clients’ daily operations, affecting their ability to complete projects, meet legal requirements, and ultimately their financial success. Our surety team has the necessary industry experience, knowledge, and reputation to create a highly customized bond program. We take the time to fully understand the businesses’ operations and financial structure, ensuring the best placement and maximizing available credit. Our goal is to create a long-term partnership by meeting our clients’ specific commercial and contract surety bond needs.

We serve a wide variety of industries:

  • Construction
  • Real Estate
  • Environmental
  • Transportation
  • Leveraged Buy Out
  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution
  • Hospitality
  • Healthcare
Helping our clients navigate local market complexities

Based on years of experience working with clients on global operations, Ironwood understands the complexities of international risk management. As a member of the Worldwide Broker Network, the largest global network of independently owned brokers, our International team provides clients with the coverage and guidance needed to navigate international business.  With our knowledge and expertise, we create, place, and manage personalized insurance programs worldwide. We pride ourselves in our global relationships and knowledge of local laws and insurance requirements.

Our services include:

  • Evaluation of the nondomestic exposure
  • Structuring and placement of global risk transfer program based on exposure
  • Highlighting local requirements to meet regulatory obligations
  • Introduction and relationship management with local insurance brokers through the World Broker Network
  • Maintenance of program and monitoring of market conditions
  • Claims management assistance of all placements

Looking at the past to predict the future

Analytics are a key part in designing a risk management program that meets all of our clients’ specific needs. Ironwood utilizes a variety of tools to ensure we are doing the best for our clients while saving them valuable time and money.

We use placement analysis ensures we are marketing our clients’ account in the best way possible, looking at the risk appetite of various insurance companies and matching them to our clients’ specific needs. we are able to look at previous loss history and project losses for the coming years. This is beneficial when we look at policy limits, loss control solutions, and growth opportunities. Analyzing historical loss data allows us to prepare and prevent for similar losses. Utilizing this tool ensures we are protecting our clients and advising them on proper coverage amounts. These tools allow us to save our clients valuable time and money.

Creating solutions and saving money
Claim Advocacy:

Our claim experts engage with clients and claim management vendors to ensure the appropriate claims management strategy is deployed on the client’s behalf.  When service or coverage issues arise,  the Ironwood Claims Team will take the lead in working with you to navigate and resolve the issue.

Our Claim Advocacy services include:

  • Claim Management Program Review
  • Claim Services Contract Review
  • Negotiate Claim Handling Instructions
  • Claim Reporting & Tracking
  • Return to Work Programs
  • Staff Education & Training
  • Complex Claim / Coverage Analysis
  • Claim Reviews
  • Vendor Evaluation
  • Risk Management Technology Platform
Claim Coordinator Services:

Our Ironwood Claim Experts step into the insured’s role and perform daily tasks in aggressive claims management as well as providing professional claims oversight.  Our Claim Coordinators use a systematic approach that encourages early resolution and cost reduction in all lines of claim management – Workers’ Compensation, Automobile, General Liability and Property. We specialize in creating custom services that fit in with your approach to managing your organization’s Total Cost of Risk.

Claim Consulting Services

Claim Consulting can be summed up as: Identifying gaps inherent claim management strategy / claim process and implementing cost-effective solutions.  Ironwood Claim Consultants work with clients to identify where the greatest opportunities for Total Cost of Risk lie.  We help clients uncover these opportunities by performing a comprehensive claim cost analysis.

Once the analysis is completed, the team works together to prioritize what services will deliver the greatest impact to your Total Cost of Risk.  Some of these services can include:

  • Performance Guarantee Claim Audit
  • Reserve Analysis
  • Vendor Evaluation, Selection, and Implementation
  • Closure Projects
  • Settlement Day
  • Internal Claims Management Evaluation

Our goal is to provide clients with the broadest team available. Ironwood has access to over 80 consultants and specialists across the country. This wide network allows us to match the appropriate specialist to fit out client’s needs.

Together we partner with clients to supplement their safety program and achieve their goalsWith more than three decades of experience, our risk management consultants are a strong, multi-disciplinary firm striving to meet the ever-changing needs of our clients. We help create a safety culture within workplaces through innovative ideas and a high regard for regulatory compliance.  With our assistance, clients receive a holistic risk management experience including regulatory training, compliance documentation, and loss analysis and prevention.

As your risk consultant, Ironwood strives to address clients’ needs while establishing initiatives that help minimize losses and remediate accidents.  These goals are emphasized through:

  • Utilizing a seasoned, nationwide engineer team with a range of specialties and backgrounds
  • Initial Site Assessment with year-end loss analysis and review to determine recommendations and highlight improvements
  • Development of a Risk Control assessment tool to grade the client’s facility and workplace to set as a base line for improvement
  • Creative approach to the traditional safety manual with safety policies and briefings.
  • Safety committee protocol to impact culture change
  • Corporate wellness and incentive programs