Ensuring the right coverage for a specialty market

Environmental Insurance is designed to protect an owner or buyer/seller against the unknown financial impact of pollution liabilities that are either known (preexisting conditions) or arise from ongoing operation risks (new conditions). Both preexisting and new conditions can be categorized as either site specific or product specific. Environmental Insurance is highly customizable, and it takes unique expertise to achieve the optimal program for an insured. Every business and property is different, so tailoring manuscript coverage is critical to ensure the appropriate coverage is in place. Over 25 carriers provide environmental coverage, each with their own specific risk appetite, proprietary form with carrier-specific language, and their own coverage characteristics. It is vital to have an insurance broker who understands this specialty marketplace.

The Ironwood team partners exclusively with one of the nations most recognized experts in this field to identify, evaluate and protect you from these unique exposures. Our Loss Control specialists are uniquely qualified to work with your team to minimize the potential impact of an environmental event to your business.